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When you come to the Stonehouse Manor, you step into a building that has been a historical and social center of Webster and the NASA area since the 1950s, since before the NASA Space Center existed.

The first Mercury astronauts ate here and so did the Shuttle teams. We have been here with the families as they waited for the return of a dad or mom rounding the earth in the Space Station. We have been here for them when they returned and we have received that long-distance phone call directly from the station with a thank you that absolutely filled our hearts and left us speechless.

We have had the pleasure to serve Americans, Spaniards, Japanese, Russians, and so many people from all walks of life. Some here for a while, some come to stay, and some of us who have always been here. We have been proud to be part of the history, part of the family, of this small piece of the world, small in size, but so large in what it means to achieve as a team.

When you are in the Stonehouse Manor celebrating your event, whether it is personal or corporate, you are not just in four walls and a bunch of tables; you are in a building with character and charm and you will feel it.

You get a full team of wedding professionals at your side to make sure everything's amazing leading up to, and on, your event day.

From wedding and event planning to vendor management to on the day of coordination, your dedicated team is there to run the show. 

We have a dedicated team of expert people ready to support you.

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